A Malawian billionaire with huge investments in real estates has put up notices in social media platforms disowning his own biological daughter whom she is accusing of soliciting debts with promises that his father would settle them.

In a statement, Jimmy Koreia-Mpatsa says himself or his Mpatsa Trust will not be liable to settle debts solicited by his daughter, Jacqueline Koreia-Phakamea.

“The following is also worth noting; Jacqueline is also a married woman and ceased to be our ward in September 2016, Jacqueline ceased to be an employee of Mpatsa Trust in March 2020, Mpatsa Trust and all its affiliates and assets will not be used to settle Jacqueline’s debts,” says the statement.

Mpasa does not say how much Jacqueline has accumulated in debts which prompted the statement.

There has been mixed reactions in the social media platforms over the statement, with some saying Jacqueline is a troubled child while others say Mpasa is just a difficult father.

“Jacqueline is scandalous and can cause problems to the Mpasa family. She behaves widely,” posted one Facebook user.

While another, said the father should have handled the matter “within the family or the trust.”

Mpatsa Trust have investment in farms, lodges, and transports.

Raised from single mother in a family of three boys. Mpatsa went to Soche secondary school then Self-studied advanced level economics, law, and English literature.



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