They have all made it to grade 8 mama!
Those who cant read too mama, passed!
Mama! Even those with doctor’s handwriting have made it mama imagine!

You cant believe mama! They are really happy they have crossed over mama!
Mama! Even their teachers are happy too!
Their sponsors are rejoicing as well mama!
Its a greatest suprise gift for them mama during this festival season!
Mama! Our worry is that they are coming to our schools now mama in 2019.

Mama, you didnt teach us how to handle them when they cant read & write in G. 8!

What should we do mama if they cant speak English mama!
Mama! Should we teach them a,e,i,o,u in first & second term mama!
Please mama give us a signal on how to handle them!

Finally mama! Should we congratulate their teachers for hard work or congratulate the pupils for good guess work mama!



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