ZAMBIA’S soccer star, Clifford Mulenga yesterday
broke silence on his relationship with the country’s queen of dance music, Mampi, defending her against accusations of having cheated on him with
for former national coach, Herve Renard.

Speaking on Millennium radio programme, Bola
Review, Mulenga defended Mampi against listerners who were calling in to find out if
she had cheated on him with Renard.

However, Mulenga said he had already broken up with Mampi when Renard came along and he was not sure of their relationship.

“I can’t say Mampi was cheating on me with Herve
Renard because in as much as we dated for a very long time, at the time Renard was coming to Zambia I had already broken up with her, so she
was not cheating on the coach with me,” Clifford Mulenga has said.

And Mulenga said that he had no personal vendetta or anything personal with his former coach Renard despite having had issues previously and clashed during his stint with the National Soccer Team.

He said that true to long held speculations, he
indeed had dated singing sensation Mampi who he met through the late singer Lilly T.

Mulenga said that he and Mampi dated for a very long time but that at the time French man coach Renard was coming to Zambia, he and his singer girlfriend had long broken up.

“But when it comes to Mampi I’ve heard a lot of
rumors about Mampi and Renard but people need to understand that the time Renard came to Zambia coaching, me and Mampi had already broken up.

So if anything she did not cheat on me with Renard and she did not cheat on Renard with me,” Mulenga said.

And Mulenga said that he was in talking terms with his former French coach despite their previous feud.

He said that Renard had indicated to him that he took the blame for having expelled him out of the team in 2012 .

“Deep down my heart I’m very apologetic for the incident that led to my expulsion.

I’ve no excuses for what happened because I could have better choices than to go out,”
Mulenga said.

The 2007 young player of year was full of praise for former coach Lwandamina who he described as a coach that had always known how to work with him.

He said that he was looking to playing another one season in Zambia before he could look to other things such as coaching.

Mulenga was in 2012 expelled from the National Team in Equatorial Guinea
for breaking camp rules .



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