A Man from Lusaka woodlands has just assaulted his fiancé and her boyfriend after finding them in sexual intercourse at unmentioned lodge in Meanwoood area..

Davily Mweeba followed up his fiancé direct from work to the lodge where the two lovers were making up..

It is believed Mr Mweeba was informed by a concerned friend about his fiancé having an affair with another man..

A Man identified as “Jackson” is currently in UTH receiving treatment after it is believed he was shot and stabbed twice with a Knife. Not only him even Vivian the “fiancé” has also suffered the same fate! with her she has a damaged eye and a few knocks..

Mr Mweeba has since been missing, he hit the road running after the lodge management called for police help..

This happened earlier in the morning around 10 to 11hours



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