Sex Worker had fake hips, Man takes her to Kabwe Police for obtaining money by False Pretences

In a turn up of events a man of Kabwe has taken the girl he found in a night club to police for putting on fake buttocks and hips.
According to kabwe central police,a man only identified as Phiri took a Lady to police after realising that what made him salivate was fake totally fake,the victim narrated that he found the woman in a certain night club and made him offload his pocket basing on her physical appearance and well shaped figure

But to his surprise after the woman unclothed she had a flat buttock structure and no hips at all just like him again.”Ni namu peza mukashana uyu mu bawa,na bwela na mutenga Ku room yanga but kufika mukati muja enzo wayawaya Ku vula,nabwela namupatikiza nati babe vula,abwela azima malaiti,avula, pomugwila nanvela ati sieve,matako nama hips one kulibe,nabwela nayopa nati kapena nicibanda chifukwa acinja(I got this lady in the bar,when we reached the room she resisted to undress,

I persisted and she put lights off and undressed but when slept on the bed, she had no hips and buttocks,I feared thinking she is a ghost because she changed), Nabwela Nayasha malaiti kubwelo peza ati naononga chabe appetite yanga,enze flat pa matako kwati pa carton(after I switched on the light, I discovered that I have just destroyed my appetite because she was as flat as a carton box on her buttocks).
During cross examination,the girl stated that she normally uses artificial buttocks and hips for business sake.

But the man insisted that the woman is a criminal and lier because she used false pretences and useless tricks to trap him hence he demanded back the money he used including the waste of time .”Anibwezele che zanga,anani goña” sianganigoñe uyu solola”, Mukadzi wakuti olo wakunyumba in patali,awee abweze chabe(let her Just bring back my money,she has tricked me,this prostitute can’t trick me,a woman where by my wife is better than her,let her just pay back.

Police has since advised the man to open up a docket so that the case can continue hearing in the Kabwe magistrate court,Phiri is having the artificial hips and buttocks as evidence to present in the court of law.


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