A 35 year old woman in Zimbabwe has been killed by her husband after she was caught having unprotected sex with the best friend to her husband.
According to police report, the adulterous woman was struck on the head with a hoe handle by her husband after he heard her shouting in s*x excitement on the couple’s matrimonial bed.

Innocent Mujakachi (37), found his wife, Solani Hlanganiso (35), in bed with another man when he attacked her and left her unconscious. The best friend to the husband fled with minimal injuries.

Family sources confirmed to the Herald that the two started committing adultery 4 years ago and that 3 of the couple’s 8 children belong to the husband’s best friend.

Sadly the woman was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital while the husband has been arrested and charged with manslaughter.


  1. Comment:i Believe When Are A Leader’s Fellower In Govt Are Enjoying Good Health And Living International Standed Why Should U Give Up so Fast Dey Somethngs Beyond Govt Issues To Tell Yr People, Hon Kalaba


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