I was born 52 years ago this coming October 10. My Tumbuka father and aushi mother are citizens of Zambia residing at in Kabwata. My birth place is Kamuchanga Mufulira. My parents and I moved to Lusaka from Kitwe into Mtendere when I was very young. After Mtendere we shifted to Chunga and then Matero where I did my primary school at then Mtendere Primary School near Chingwere. In about 1982 we shifted again to Kabwata while I remained at present day Mambilima (formerly Mtendere primary school). After passing my grade 7, I went to secondary school at Libala boys. Being a meritorious student, I excelled in my grade 12 examinations so much so that I had two options of scholarship in 1989. I am married to Patricia Mukubulo Nchito, a nursery school teacher turned businesswoman. We have four children and a niece and so it is a 7No. member family residing in Lilayi of Lusaka.

I qualified to the Copperbelt University–CBU in 1989 under a free government bursary to study
Accountancy. I decided to opt out of CBU, though in preference to the another scholarship from ZCCM which was tenable at Chingola School of Accountancy-CSA otherwise known as Accountancy Training College-ATC. CSA was the envy of many a grade 12 school leaver at that time! I am simply grateful to Zambia and its then leaders who were really leading inclusively of the “bright poor boys and girls” of the time. That in itself is part of my motivation to offer to give back what I have received from mother Zambia. While at secondary school I was Head boy, Librarian, Editor of the school press as well as a prolific Debater. I debated with former Minister Siliya when she was at Kabulonga School for girls. It is now clear to me at which point my love for juggling many big responsibilities might have been sown! Who says men cannot multi-task?

My church story began with being a young Presbyterian, through my father. When he slackened, my mother introduced us to another church, the African Methodist Church-AMEC where I basically grew up in and thrived as a church boy! In AMEC, I became a youth leader of note. I am very grateful to my seniors of sisters, brothers uncles and aunties who invested in many in ways too numerous to elaborate. My leadership and social skills were developed in the AMEC.

In 1989, I got born again. When I left Lusaka for accountancy further education in Kitwe and later Chingola, I decided to change churches and joined the Reformed Baptist Churches where I worshipped from for about 23 years. Currently, I attend Gospel Central Church in Lusaka where I have been since 2013.

Professionally, I qualified in 1997 as a Management Accountant with the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants-CIMA of the UK. By virtue of my CIMA qualification, I became a member of the Zambia Institute of Chartered Accountants-ZICA. I am now a senior Fellow of both CIMA and ZICA.


2.1.Love for the people of LUSAKA has led me to accept a nomination from the UPND/ZWW Alliance to run for Mayor of Lusaka. That love for Lusakans for me is based on the fact that I am a Godist and follower of Jesus Christ. In other words, I am born again.

2.2.For us, it is operation “Lusaka forward to Transformation” in terms of Education, Identity, Health, Safety, Aesthetics and the Economy of Lusaka

2.3.Ours is an honest and corrupt-free approach to Lusaka social-economic delivery without discrimination based on religion, partisan politics, gender, social-economic status and/or ethnic origin/race. We believe that Lusaka, can achieve more in repeat, EDUCATION, IDENTITY, HEALTH, SAFETY, AESTHETICS AND THE ECONOMY OF LUSAKA!

2.4.We bring a balanced all-inclusive Human Development Index-HDI vs. GDP approach to the Lusaka development agenda.

2.5.The UPND/Zambia We Want Alliance believes in “Power to the Ward” and so you can expect to see effective devolution even in Lusaka city management. For example, we see no reason why Makeni, for example, cannot run and micro manage their own affairs as a mini-council under our thematic areas proposed above i.e. EEISHA!



Victor Nyasulu is a Chartered Global Management Accountant-CGMA currently in public accountancy practice at Mulenji Chartered Accountants-MCA.
Victor has over 23 years of professional experience in Accounting, Treasury, Business advisory and Corporate governance acquired from Tertiary Education (University of Africa), Public Service Broadcasting (ZNBC), Aviation (Zambian Airways), Water (Lusaka Water & Sanitation Company), Electricity (ZESCO, then a USD150m Treasury unit-2003) and Banking (Citibank).
At least 8 of the 23 years’ experience is at C-suite level of management.
While at ZESCO, Victor was attitude trained to be a trainer in high performance attitudes.
Victor has participated in many multi-million United States Dollar capital raising deals at ZESCO. He led the first ever Commercial paper at the electricity firm and debt factoring deals. As the LWSC CFO, he successfully participated in negotiations for a USD23m World Bank facility.
Currently, Victor is a member of the Public Investments Board-PIB of the Republic of Zambia and Finance Committee member of the ZSIC Life.
Between 2015 and 2016, Victor was Chairman of the CIMA Africa board. Other past board engagements include the National Taskforce of Senior Officials on Anti-Money Laundering/Countering of the Financing of Terrorism-AML/CFT, Multi-Choice/GOtv Zambia, Build IT Zambia, Workers Compensation Fund Control Board-WCFCB, Master Power Zambia Limited, Mulungushi Village Complex and the Zambia Institute of Chartered Accountants-ZICA.


LIBALA SEC. SCHOOL 1984 – 1988
[School Certificate Division 1 qualified to Copperbelt University 1989]

College Certificate in Accountancy-CCA & CIMA Stage 3

CIMA 4 (Finalist)

Diploma Student in Journalism & Public Relations


2nd year Bachelor of Laws-LLB Student


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