Former Kawambwa co-joined twins, Bupe and Mapalo have been taken back to Kachema-Musuma Orphanage Centre following their discharge from the district hospital.

Kawambwa District Social Welfare Officer, Peter Musonda has told ZANIS in an interview that the twins are now two weeks old at the facility, where they are being taken care of by competent staff, who include a care-giver.

Mr Musonda said the twins who were readmitted to the hospital for malaria and malnutrition since January this year, have fully recovered and their nutritional status has improved.

He disclosed that Bupe who had difficulties in sitting, is now able to sit on her own while Mapalo can walk alone without being supported.

Mr Musonda has further commended the Kawambwa District Hospital management for improving the welfare of the children, and for seconding a Care-Giver to Kachema – Musuma Orphanage to devote time to the twins.

He has also appealed for financial, food and material support from well-wishers, in order to assist the Centre take care of the children and other orphans who are under the care of the facility.


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