A lady who wedded her first cousin last week has lashed out at critics in a Facebook. Ethel’s father and the mother to her husband, are brother and sister.

However, Ethel claims this is acceptable in their tradition and has kindly asked the rest of the world to stay out of her marriage.

However, some Facebook commentators argue that the marriage could be an act of incest because of the close of the parents being siblings.

The couple is however undaunted by the criticism and have since got married and just want to be left alone to enjoy their union.

The couple is reportedly based in North western province.

This is Ethel’s post :
“People, we have heard your complaints and insults on social media over our marriage as cousins. I take great exception to people who complain for the sake of complaining. I know some of you insulting me it’s because of the fact that I turned down your proposal. I was surprised for one Simon Banda and Gift Sitali to comment that the couple is not normal for marrying each other as cousins. Mr Banda and you Sitali please don’t provoke me. You wanted to sleep with me in Livingstone but I refused.

“So you are in pain because I have married the man of my life. Yes he is my first cousin; now is that a problem to you?
Please people leave us alone to enjoy our new marriage. Muzakanisungila mwana wanga imwe? Don’t you know nalikwata umwana naba Boyd? So to all of you Zambians reading this, please don’t be jealous of us.

Mind your own business, if u want you can also go to the village and marry your cousin sibalesaaaaa.mwilanchusha kwati mulandisha..Mwilekantukane!




  1. Lol…..!!!, surely such things happen in this age(time) uhm…in my opinion, I think these people are just backwards.these unions were a way selfish ancestors used to use so as to protect there wealth.
    My dear beloved sister? This is purely an act of incest and it really goes against Christian values.what ever motivated you, please seek prayers and had you two attended church pre marital counciling non of this would have happened.


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