Chief Mukuni’s Wife

CHIEF Mukuni’s wife, Veronica, says Speaker of the National Assembly Dr Patrick Matibini has placed himself at the centre of chaos by refusing to stop the Constitutional Amendment Bill.

In an interview, the chief’s wife said her husband’s heart bleeds due to Dr Matibini’s refusal to protect the Constitution, being a person who hails from her chiefdom.

“Professor Muno Ndulo as quoted by The Mast’s Ernest Chanda as having observed that there was a strong disrespect for the rule of law in Zambia, especially from those who are supposed to uphold it, has aggravated his belief for a Zambia driven by learned men and women such as Dr Matibini. This realisation has made my husband’s heart bleed. Dear country men and women, my Buna-Mukuni’s heart bleeds even more that one of us the Bene-Mukuni in the name of Dr Patrick Matibini, the Speaker, has placed himself at the centre of chaos out of which will emerge a PF survivalist constitution by insisting that the House will proceed to consider the Constitution (Amendment) Bill number 10 of 2019 despite the matter being before the Constitutional Court,” Veronica said. “As a grouping, the Bene-Mukuni are so proud of the legacy of one of their members, Patrick Levy Mwanawasa, who served as a steadfast servant of the Zambian Constitution and people while his namesake and brother is busy demonstrating that he is the PF government’s lap-dog.”

She appealed to Dr Matibini’s Buna-Mukuni conscious to do the right thing.

“Please, be on the right side of Zambia’s history. Your people are suffering untold misery, don’t be drunk in riches paid for by poor Zambians, especially policemen, soldiers, and civil servants who pay for your meal and air travels. Don’t let them down for a few individuals, Zambia is bigger than Parliament and State House. Do the right thing,” Veronica said.

She added that Zambia expects protection from Parliament and the courts of law and wondered where they would turn to if these institutions turned their backs on them.

“If leaders such as those in the House led by the Speaker turn against Zambians, what happens? Dr Matibini, please tell me so that I can help transmit your answer. Please, God forbid, don’t let history send your name into a furnace, when one name of our own son (former speaker) Nabulyato (Robinson) is great. Don’t let down the province as having provided the best Speaker of all times, only to let it down by you, Dr Matibini,” pleaded Veronica.

The Law Association of Zambia has filed an injunction in the Constitutional Court to restrain government through the National Assembly from enacting the Constitution (Amendment) Bill number 10 of 2019. In view of the court process, LAZ lawyers Simeza Sangwa & Associates, wrote to National Assembly Speaker Dr Patrick Matibini asking him to stop the process of enacting the Bill until the whole matter is determined by the Constitutional Court.

But Dr Matibini informed LAZ that he is unable to make the undertaking requested on account of the doctrine of exclusive cognizance. He said the doctrine provides, in essence, that the House enjoys exclusive and unfettered jurisdiction in the conduct of its internal proceedings.



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