By Zambian Watch

A 27 year old lusaka woman Mia Kaseka has proposed that all those men who want to travel to Swaziland to look for women must go because Zambian women do not need them any more.

Ms. Kaseka says Zambian women are now tired being cheated to every day by men.

She says the call in Swaziland is timely so that bodies of Zambian women can rest and stop having depressions.

Ms. Kaseka says most Zambian men are depressing and only using women for sexual activities.

“Its not swizaland but Swaziland. I see alot of men in Zambia being excited about alot of women there. Please just go. We dont need you here. Infact when you go our bodies will rest. Depression free and we will be happy. But i am not saying we go lesbian'” she wrote on her facebook page.

On monday, news was all over social media that there are free women in Swaziland and men are encouraged to marry atleast 2 and above.



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