Yesterday I heard a landmark announcement by UPND alliance. Even though, it was made with one noticeable absentee, Honourable Dr Chishimba Kambwili. Still it was a great decision.On Kambwili’s absence, I thought he was still enjoying his leave of silence which he is entitled to. However, the NDC vice president and secretary general were there and I’m sure Dr CK was well represented.

The two NDC representatives told the media that they will brief the President and he will announce the party’s position to this effect given a chance to advice I can only say supporters of both political parties or alliances should wait for their reputable leaders to conclude the way forward. Their leaders will probably do a good job.

Fellow country men and women commenting on my own capacity and as a citizen who really want to see to eat that there’s no room for PF thieves to continue stealing from poor citizens, I think we have a crucial election ahead of us. An election year were we have to save or let go of our nation which has been abused by the corrupt and brutal administration of Edgar Lungu and his minions.

First and foremost, I have a lot of respect for CK. He can win anyone an election at anytime that’s why Edgar Lungu pulled a fast one on him by using a conviction by one political magistrate. My only concern is, some media speculations about the non negotiable stance if at all that’s the party NDC position were they are not going further to tell us the counter measures. We all know today CK is still in court on appeal to try and over turn his conviction case that some of us have intelligence information that it was a politically motivated conviction and to date personally in my own individual capacity I’m still standing with CK till justice prevails. That we hope happens soon, as the whole trial that convicted him was a sham and the silence on the appeal is a well calculated move by the PF government.

My other concern is negotiating a running mate position to me seems to be unconstitutional. The running mate position is suppose to be a prerogative of the one running. He could run with CK or anyone else for that matter thus we should give these leaders enough time to conclude on moderaties especially that we are dealing with a desperate regime that has been working so tirelessly to ensure that CK and HH doesn’t appear on the ballot paper.

I’m just hoping NDC and UPND members are seeing this crisis as well. It’s a critical political game that’s why I have been reluctant to make a comment.
Having said what I have said, my observation is on the justice system of this country, as evidenced in the arrest and subsequent conviction of CK himself.

If today CK is picked as running mate, and the day before nomination the court schedules his hearing and upholds his conviction. Or worse still, allow him to fill in nominations and uphold his conviction a month into campaign. Then, what? The proponents of CK running mate non negotiable, kindly give us the counter measure for all these. We are dealing with a government that goes to dig the whole village looking for incriminating evidence. A government that had to brutalize the entire family of Dr CK during his court hearing. Yet, you want a man with a pending conviction appeal on his head which can go either way to favour sone criminals interest to be picked before the other side is sorted out. Let us also feel sorry for CK and HH because their enemies desperations are too much.

No wonder a wise chairperson of the alliance said the choice of a running mate is your prerogative, CK is not ruled out. Maybe, this is why the President waits for the final day. Just my personal opinion. All the best to the alliance whose main focus should be about saving mother Zambia from the current club of thieves and brutal elements.

God bless Zambia 🇿🇲.
Sikaile C Sikaile
Good Governance and Human Rights Activist for Zambia and Amnesty International



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