Governance, Elections, Advocacy, Research Services (GEARS) Initiative is concerned at the emergency of a culture of “candidate disappearance” ahead of bye elections nomination after parties have successfully adopted such candidates.

This culture has potential not only to kill competitive electoral democracy but entrench political mistrusts within and outside political parties and further weaken parties.

It is important that opposition political parties find a lasting solution to this practice of “candidate disappearances” rather than dwell on fingering at their opponents.

Notwithstanding, GEARS Initiative is happy that Kasenengwa and the five ward bye-election nominations proceeded peacefully and conducted orderly and we hope the campaigns will also be incident free.

The parties whose candidates managed to file in their nominations, must now acquaint themselves with the electoral Code of conduct and report all electoral breaches to relevant authorities for investigations and possible actions.

While those whose candidates bolted, it is time to restrategise for the future.

The people of Kasenengwa are also encouraged to scan all political candidates and messages for them not to base their vote on the parties but the abilities and capacities of the contesting candidates to deliver services to them.

McDonald Chipenzi
Electoral Expert/Executive Director
GEARS Initiative


  1. The whole think stinks of procedural impropriety and needs to be changed. People should be able to file online and provide the requisite details online – we do online banking so why cant we file online. This will stop all the dramas we see on the day of filing which is barbaric and backward.
    Secondly, there should be long jail sentences for people violating electoral processes like the Bandas in this by-election. This is an affront to democracy that should be dealt with the seriousness it deserves.

  2. To be honest Zambia is under siege by PF Leadership and needs urgent governance surgery by Proffesional Political Surgeons like VJ, Katele Kalumba, Sikota Wina, George Mpombo, Akashambatwas etc. Surely how do you describe a learned person like Doctor Faustin Banda selling his expensive soul for a penny? Shame upon this nation under PF operatives!


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