By Lee Hankwa‎

Women , get moved sometimes, take a moment and admire real women that work so hard. Even amidst hardships she is able to pull through, one day i had a chart with her to do my house it was as if i met a man,one in a million, she pays her bills out of her hard earned cash, theres a man in her.

she is so blessed that she does works that men can do or cant do, while imwe ma Diva mu Divuka shes putting food on the table and feedng her children. While some of you vomit just from just a smell of gasoline from a passing car but shes is able to with stand the smell of paints because is just unique and blessed.

While many others look up men begging for as little as money K10 for powder, others lke abena Gondwe rob the banks , other break homes but she says no to all. Faith is one sister i look upto that i hope and pray many ladies should admire , even when she puts on her Brazilian or Peruvian hair, her head deserves it because she works hard. Comrades there is no pride in putting on expensive weaves on a stupid empty head. One Word For FAITH MALUNGO.





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