Our New Airforce Commander.

Barry Collins pure North Westerner. He did his Secondary School at Solwezi Technical School.

His father was a Scottish volunteer teacher at Solwezi Technical School.

He lived a normal Zambian life with his mother in the rural parts of Solwezi under Chief Mujima Nzovu. His mother is an indigenous Kaonde Zambian lady.

He spent all his childhood in Solwezi until he joined the Zambian Airforce.

Congratulations mwisho.

Credit: Northwestern Newsline

Collins Barry
Air Force Commander Collins Barry

Officer cadet Collins Barry with his course mate!


  1. Thanks Bally, sata appointed Guy Muzungualibemano Scott. Thanks for remembering this gorgetten soul who worked hard to be recognized. We thank you Mr President and pray that our Barry will work ethically and and and value.

  2. Bally thanks for the well thought and timely appointment of Air Force Commander, President did his part and later was undone by those who thought they were clever.#NewIdeasAreBorn and congratulations General Barry.

  3. This is great, an inclusive Government is what Zambians wanted. Had it been the previous administration, you could have seen from the names. To run a country of 73 tribes with only two tribes is wasting the God given talent and a country can never develop. Thank you and well done Mr. President, I hope it won’t end there, you need to go further and flush out all the cadres who were putting on Police Uniform illegally. They should also refund the money they have been getting illegally. if they can’t pay back, the one who recruited them should pay, if it were the IG, no benefits Baba.

  4. Be serious. You can see that he’s not White. Don’t fixate on his skin color. You’re trying to reduce a entire human being to his skin color? And what does bwana mean? Are we in the Colonial era? Be respectful.


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