The preparations which would culminate in President Edgar Lungu becoming a father-in-law are well on course.

President Lungu’s daughter, Tasila Lungu, who once said ‘Only God knows when I will get married,’ has finally got her soulmate and is tying the knot soon.

She getting married to Patrick Mwansa.

Posting on her Facebook page, Tasila hinted how happy she is, that all marriage modalities are going on well.

“Earlier today, I was honoured by my family who helped in the preparation of icilanga mulilo as per the bemba culture which I will be joining into as a part of the Mwansa family.

“It makes me so proud to be a part of maintaining this rich bemba tradition which has now become a strong part of our collective cultural marriage rites as Zambians,” she posted.

Meanwhile, following her post, her timeline was awash with messages, advice, and mainly congratulatory as people wished her well in her marriage.

“Respect to your husband and do all the necessary requirements that has to be done in your marriage please my sister,” one follower said.

“If only most us can learn from this lady….she is one of the humble people I have personally seen in our country so far!” added another.

Some of her followers wished her to be treated, the way her father is treating fellow Zambians.

However, others urged her not to mind about negative comments.

“Congratulations, the way I love this lady don’t mind the critics saying your husband should treat u the way your father treats the country.

“You also have your own life, you are different, those saying negative things maybe they are even worse off than their parents characters, it doesn’t hurt to be polite,” said one follower.

Tasila and her fiance have been undergoing pre-marriage lessons at St. Ignatius Parish in Lusaka as required in the Catholic Church, and are expected to be walking down the aisle soon.














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