Disgraced PF Lusaka Mayoral candidate Miles ‘Broke’ Sampa yesterday failed to turn up at the ZNBC organised live-recorded Mayoral debate dubbed RACE TO THE COUNCIL CHAMBER as he realised that his unrealistic vision would come under serious scrutiny.

Sampa who had earlier confirmed his participation is said to have sent in an apology to the program moderator Franklin Tembo Junior alleging a busy schedule although it is apparent that the man was avoiding having his skyscraper cemeteries plan on the spotlight.

According to PF sources who were seen hovering around the civic centre grounds,the man was adviced against attending by Sunday Chanda who felt he would embarrass the party with his poorly thought out plan for Lusaka.

“Our Intelligence reports indicated that Miles would be the centre of attention from among fellow participants and his poor public speaking skills would have come to the fore.This was going to disadvantage both him and the party.This was made worse by the refusal by ZNBC to have the program edited before broadcast as that would have saved face.It was at that point that abena Sunday adviced him not to attend.Otherwise we were ready and that’s why you are seeing a few of us here.Even abaiche ba smart eagles were here earlier on,” they said.

They said,”Sampa’s track record and vision for the city of Lusaka is so far a source of concern within the party and that’s why you have seen bamudala (ECL) joining the campaigns early to try to swing the mood of most PF members that have vowed not to vote for Miles who they regard as a chancer”

The sources further added that the party had hoped that the UPND candidate Kangwa Chileshe who is the major contender would shun the debate as usual to give Miles an upperhand at the debate.

“Umwaiche Kangwa is keeping us busy but twalamukwanisha.The system is scared that those roadshows which are pulling crowds especially in Matero,Kanyama and Munali have the potential to swing the vote to his favour.


  1. Even then aaba ba PF are not a serious lot ! This sampa fellow is a misfit and simply nothing to write home about this demagogue ! . So why bring a fellow with such reputation ? Our city , with all the diplomatic missions ! What is wrong with these people ,, ?


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