He writes

Special Paper 1: You have 4 kids and you get paid K21,000 monthly. You also have 2 House Mortgages (loans) paid monthly.

How much should the ex wife demand for food support only for one child?
K7000? if that answer is correct means the other 3 kids whom I love equally will also need K7000 each for food only. Total equals K28,000 for 4 kids food Only which is way above my K21,000 total salary.

Nanga school fees, clothes, mortgage and also I have not stopped eating yet. I dont even eat muzungu desired expensive Oysters or Prawns. Beans and Veg is fine by me as we were nicely raised on it in Matero.

Funso : So nizachosa kuti K7000 to feed one child only and considering I am not and dont intend to be on FIC list?


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