Miles Sampa displayed a rare political maturity in wishing HH a happy valentines as Koswe ranks HH couple as the most liked in Zambia

His worship, the executive mayor of Lusaka displayed a rare political maturity in wishing Mr and Mrs Hakainde a happy valentines. It is a well known fact that Zambia is a one nation with one people. Over the years, in demonstration of this, political enemies have come to work together as evidenced by CK working HH, Dora Siliya working with the PF among others. Nevertheless, to the disappointment of the millions, Mr. Edgar Lungu has sought to divide the country directly and indirect. Mr. Lungu has failed to listen to others in how the country can be prospered.

Meanwhile, according to Koswe’s analysis, couple HH are the most liked couple in Zambia in demonstration that the Zambian populate would like president HH to lead them.

To Miles Sampa and to all who believe in a united country with a good leadership, the people of Zambia salutes you. To Edgar Lungu, we ask that you acknowledge your failures and tell the people the truth.




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