Life must be so enjoyable with Lusaka Mayor Miles Sampa who was divorced 4 months ago for being careless.

The Lusaka mayor yesterday spent time at horseshoe restruant were he had lunch with one of his concubines Agnetha Mwila who is doing nursing in her 3rd year at a named college in Lusaka.

As it can be seen from the reciept obtained by Zambian Watch from horseshoe restruant in Kabulonga, Miles Sampa spend $737 on lunch,expensive rose and a Dom perigon champagne.

He also took time to do some photo shoot with the newly found concubine Agnetha Mwila.

This behaviour of Miles Sampa is not new as he did the same to the late NIPA student Ruth Bandu who was killed and had her face pilled up in unclear circumstances.

This lady in picture is a 3rd year Nursing student and she clearly doesn’t know the character she is dealing with.

The lusaka mayor was divorced by Mwika Mwenechanya because of his old habits of chasing after skirts.

Attached here is a restaurant bill from the horseshoe Restaurant were he spent more that $737 on lunch,expensive Rose and Dom perigon Champagne and a photo of his latest side chick Agnetha Mwila.

SOURCE: Zambian Watch



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