Miles Sampa


Lusaka Mayor Miles Sampa’s former wife has told the Lusaka High Court that his failure to pay child support is causing his daughter and her family distress.

Mwika Mwenechanya is praying to the Lusaka High court to compel the Lusaka City Council (LCC) as Sampa’s employers to be making monthly payments of K7, 000 from his earnings for maintainance of their child.

This is in a matter where Mwenechanya,
an Economist at the Bank of Zambia (BOZ) is demanding a sum of K30,300 as child maintenance.

The Lusaka High Court had ordered the Lusaka Mayor to be maintaing his daughter at a monthly fee amounting to K7, 000 but he has neglected to comply with the court order.

The court had also ordered the former Matero Constituency member of parliament to pay the balance of US$13, 000 outstanding school fees at the American International School ( AIS ) and that he pays a monthly sum of K7,000 towards the monthly expense of the child before the 6th day of every month.

The former deputy minister of commerce and trades was also ordered to provide a driver to ferry the child to and from school and that he should register her on the council medical scheme which he was entitled to by virtue of him being a Mayor.

According to an affidavit in support of ex parte summons for an attachment of earnings order seen by Zambian Watch Mwenechanya stated that the ruling in which the court ordered Sampa was served to him through his advocates.

The Bank of Zambia employee stated that the alleged contemnor has failed to comply with the ruling of the court to pay the money he was ordered for the month of may 2019 and June 2019 .

“The alleged contennor was ,in arrears of sums amounting to K14, 000 and has further failed to pay the balance of US $13, 000 school fees at the American International School,”she said.

” As a result of the respondent’s failure to pay the outstanding balance I had to pay a sum equivalent to US $3000 to the school otherwise, the child would have been removed from school”.

Mwenechanya said despite several reminders made through her lawyers, the Lusaka Mayor has failed to settle the amount due as per court ruling constantly to the detriment of the child.

“The alleged contemnor was in full time employment as a mayor of the city of Lusaka and he is financially able to comply with the ruling of the court,”

“The alleged contemnor’s disobedience is causing hardship to the child of the family and myself as we are un able to meet the family financial obligations to sustain our daily need,” Mwenechanya said.

The petitioner stated that Sampa intends to continue disobeying the court ruling unless compelled to do so by the court.

She is therefore seeking an order of the court to compel the respondent’s employers to make payments out of his earnings in accordance with the affiliation and maintanance of children Act.



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