A Nigerian Soldier has sent his biological parents to prison after he came back from Italy, only to discover that his parent have been sending him fake pictures of another person’s house. Captain Brian says when he was in Italy studying, he sent his parents huge amounts of money continuously for 6 years to help build a house for him in Nigeria. The military man was also sending a lot of money for his parents to use for upkeep as well as sponsoring his young brothers and sisters to schools/colleges.

But when he came back, he realized all the pictures they’ve been sending him are all fake, and no house was built for him, so he jailed them. His 65 year old father and 56 year old mother slept in police cell last night with an instruction that anyone who comes close to bail them should be locked up too.

The angry commando is set to take his parents to court where they will serve 10 years with hard labour if found guilt.

“I am serious about this. I want to teach them a good lesson, they will have to serve jail terms for 10 years”, he said. The Army Captain is the first born in the family of 8 and has been sponsoring all his young brothers and sisters to school including his parents. “I don’t want to kill my parents, let them just go to jail and rot from there”, he said.

If it was you in his position, what would you do to your parents who squandered your money? Was he right to do that? Please have your say.



  1. Parents needs professional help (therapy) there is more to the story. Such type of behaviour from parents is just a symptom. They need counselling as a family, jail might not help them

  2. He is right.The relationship ended through mistrust. Otherwise he may do more harm if let them free.A thief is a thief regardless of relationship.

  3. For give them, but they need deliverance as they don’t know what they are doing, my advice to this brother the Bible clearly says respect your father and your mother so that your days can be added More, money is not something you can sacrifice your parents to be rotten in prison no, because same parents you want to take to prison, they are the same parents who makes you were you are today.


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