Lusaka ~ Fri, 09 April 2021

Fellow Zambains, I would like to unreservedly apologize to the public on the sentiments I made on Period Poverty when I featured on Zambezi Magic’s “Tuvwange Lifestyle TV show” which aired on Thursday 8th April, 2021 at 21:30hrs.

I have come to realize that my Public Relations (PR) Department did not do a good job as far as researching on the subject Period Poverty and thereby making me mislead the masses during the show.

Kindly note that it was not my intention to cause pain and derail the works of advocating for period poverty in the country.

As a mother with girls and as a woman, I regret and retract the statement that I made.

To this effect, I have immediately suspended my entire PR Department because I do not take lightly to such serious matters.

Let me also state that I have offered myself to be an advocate using my influence as a public figure.

I have learnt the extent that this health matter is affecting Millions of girl children in Zambia and across the globe.

My wish and prayer is that this will be a beginning of greater advocacy on the matter and that ways to help especially rural girls who are mostly vulnerable will quickly be found.

I further would like to thank the producers of Tuvwange Lifestyle show for according me the opportunity to feature on their program which is doing a commendable job in bringing life changing social programs.

I further wish to apologize to Zambezi Magic, the entire team and to the Zambia masses who got offended by my sentiments.

I look forward to working closely with Vision Zambia initiative and other partner organisations in lobbying for the girl child and ensuring that the menstrual bill is materialized as a matter of urgency.

Lastly but not the least, I wish to extend an invitation to Ms Namutula Sindila, Vision Zambia Initiative Director to come and feature on our facebook platform and advocate for poverty period.

Only when we begin to pull together in that direction as women, civil society organizations and social media influencers with the right tools and information, then we will be able to reach the masses and make a difference.

Yours truly,


  1. Why didn’t you cross check what was presented to you by the PR department before you opened your mouth. It appears your “success” is dependent on others.

  2. Milly has been misinforming people on main things, from applying lighting creams to marriage and vagina issues as though she’s a dermatologist or sex coach. She’s a lair and clueless on many levels and most women in Zambia listens to her nonsense. Last time I saw her on Facebook, she was teaching women how to kiss men . Really ‍♀️‍♀️


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