Minister of Mines Richard Musukwa


By Michael Kaluba

Mining expert Mwiya Songolo is calling for the resignation of Mines Minister Richard musukwa from his position for allegedly failing to handle the Konkola Copper Mines–KCM- issue against Vedanta correctly.

Mr. Songolo has questioned the rationale behind Mr. Musukwa’s insistence to appeal against the recent high court ruling and waste more tax payers money on court cases.

He is of the view that Mr. Musukwa’s ministerial statement in parliament yesterday lacked direction and clarity and instead put across an undertone of stubbornness and unwillingness to respect the development agreement between the two parties.

Mr Songolo who is also a senior lecturer in the school of mines at the copperbelt university said Zambia cannot afford to make further mistakes in the mining sector especially that the country is very likely to end up paying Vendanta huge sums of money as was the case with lap green over zamtel due to governments antagonistic approach to matters.

Mines minister Richard musukwa yesterday told parliament that ZCCM-investment holdings will appeal against the recent decision by the court of appeals, ordering that the liquidation proceedings on Konkola Copper Mines -KCM- and the dispute between Vedanta resources and ZCCM-IH be stayed to proceed to arbitration in November 2021.

In this case, the Zambian government, through ZCCM-IH took over KCM and initiated the processes of liquidation, a move that Vedanta contested in the Lusaka high court, and demanded that any dispute must be taken to arbitration.





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