UPND USA & Canada Misepela Project was relaunched yesterday Friday the 12th April 2018.Misepela project is the initiative of the UPND USA and Canada chapter that begun during the 2015 general elections and was even more vibrant during the previous 2016 party campaigns and General elections.

The project is funded through the monthly contributions of all dedicated and committed chapter members.

The initial project focused on supplying the UPND regalia (hats) to students at Copperbelt University,University of Zambia,Everlyn Hone College,NIPA,Lusaka Univeristy and other universities and colleges in the entire country.

The 2018 relaunch has been scaled up to cover all the provinces in the country namely Lusaka, Central, Copperbelt, Eastern,Luapula,Northern,North Western,Southern and Western province.

These regalia shall given to given out to zambians by president Hakainde Hichilema during the party mobilization and card renewal under the department of Elections and Mobilization/strategy chaired by Honorable Garry Nkombo and Ms.Sylvia Masebo respectively.

The chapter aims at sponsoring a minimum of 1000 hats per province.

The grand opening consignment shall be handed over to the president next week by our chapter representatives:the chairman and the media chairlady who are currently in the country to work on logistica and key start the project.

We also take this opportunity to inform the party and majority Zambians that the chapter is still working on relaunching the well known “OBAMA OPERATION “.

This is where the chapter distributed buses and trucks in the remotest areas of Central,Luapula,Northern,Western and North western province during the 2016 general election with the aim of providing free transport to and fro the National Registration Card/Voters card registration points.The ultimate goal was to reduce the high voter apathy Zambia has been experiencing over the years; and provide the Zambian people especially in rural areas opportunity to participate in choosing the leaders of their choice.

We wish Zambia and her people Peace,Unity,Prosperity and Good Health for a health population is recipe for positive socio-economic development.


UPND USA & Canada Chapter
Media team


  1. This is a very good gesture but again a bit miss directed. The problem the part is facing is stollen votes. We are investing too much on visibility and published but we are not inveting in the security and safety of our votes. What is damly wrong with out party. It is very clear from all Angles that we are wining these elections but the problem is the actualisatiins of the ” win” The people we intrest to look after our votes are vunerable when the other sections dangle money at the poling sations the situations looks like that one of some one dandling carrots to the Hungry Rabts What is our party doing about this ???? I have asked this quesion several times I will soon be writing to the structures with executive authority. Soon. We believe our votes are being stollen year in year out but we are not putting mitigation measures to cub the vise what are expecting ? This has become a weakiness on our party which every welmeaning ful Zambian should have consdered critical because the World is becoming so dynamic and everything happening on the camp of our enemies is passing through critical scruitines ehile our Party which has the biggest brain Bank of thinkers both Locally and internationally remains docile to the very possible anticipated threat. Please leaders wake up and tell us what to do to this process. It pained me because I listened to the talk by Our President in Choma in whicj he personally stated that our votes this time arround will be protected. This motivated me to drive as early as 03:00 to Livingstone to go and cast my vote all the way rom Monze because I was guaranteed that my vote will be protected. But to my shock again they were stollen . The biggest quesion I have for the Party Executive commitee is WHAT IS IT THAT IS BEING PUT IN PLACE AT THE POLING STATIONS TO MITIGATE THIS ?????????????????????????????????


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