Miss Peagent Universe director Rowlands Musukwa who is based in south Africa has been accused of breaking a marriage proposal for model Mercy Mukwiza.

According to close sources familiar with the development have informed Zambian Watch that Miss Universe director Rowlands Musukwa has been telling lies to Mercy’s boyfriend Chanda Chishimba.

Chanda Chishimba has been dating Mercy Mukwiza for two years and he had reached a point of enganging her.

But when Musukwa learnt about the development,she traveled all the way from South Africa to peddle lies that Mukwiza was sleeping with promoters of Miss Universe and they made her winner.

She informed Chanda Chishimba that Mercy was also seeing an old man in South Africa who bought her a BMW vehicle she has been driving.

Shockingly, Chanda Chishimba cancelled the marriage proposal and started going out with Rowlands Musukwa.

This has created conflict amongest the two best friends who have taken their rants to social media accusing each other of being fake.

Mercy Mukwiza apparently sent a message to Rowland Musukwa threatening her to stay away ftom her man because she was just so desperate to win him.

“Alice Rowlands, you mean to tell me that an old woman like you can, call my boyfriend to try and feed him lies in hopes that he dumps me? Your desperation has reached alarming levels, I am disgusted” Mercy Mukwiza stated.

The two best friends have since stopped talking to each other. On top of the BMX is Mercy Mukwiza and the naked one with a man is Alice Rowlands Musukwa.


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