Christine Munkombwe

Christine Munkombwe (she was 18 ) had her title stripped when she charged that the Miss World Pageant Organisers were racists who never gave consideration to black skin.

The local organising firm M&G promotions represented by the Directors of Africa Movies and News Services Agency Mr. Philip Singoyi and Mr Churchill Mutale withdrew the trophy and the k50 cash prize Christine won, and gave it to a runner up Mable Chipasha who was 16 and a student at Ndola Dominican Convent school.

They asked Christine to send a letter of apology to the organising committee and Miss World Contest Organisers , to the press for publication. They also charged forfeiture of the K3,563 worth of expenses and donations made during her prepation for the World Contest.

She was defiant and accused the promoters of failing to prepare her properly for the contest.
She complained about racial press coverage of contenders on their arival in London. She had accused judges of being biased.

Local orgainisers claimed her comments were lame and baseless.
Her response was:
“I don’t care about the title. They can eat it and I will still remain the same old Christine Munkombwe I have always been. I have nothing to lose wether or not they get the title and if they are worried about K50 they can get it any time they want. Those people just dumped me at the airport without a ngwee, my mother had to provide pocket money. They did not even buy me an evening dress, National dress and the swimming costume as promised.I lost because I had short hair and am black”

Christine Munkombwe



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