What really happened to Justice Priscilla Chigumba?

We noted that when she appeared on Thursday night to present election results her right cheek appeared bludgeoned and there were visible blood spots under her skin. Her eyes were clearly bloodshot.
To disguise this assault 3 things were done.

1. The election result announcement was pushed close to midnight when its dark so that the blood spots were less visible to the cameras.

2. The delay was also meant to give doctors time to treat her and remove all evidence of assault before she appeared for the results announcements.

3. Her face was smeared with jelly like that of a boxer.

Obviously no sane person failed to notice these anomalies. Questions arise. Who assaulted Justice Chigumba.

Did this assault take place in her private life or in the course of duty as ZEC Chairperson. What could be the reasons behind the assault



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