Mobile Network providers are frustrated and they are trying to formulate plans to stop a Lusaka boy who can guess airtime scratch cards whenever he is high on the addictive street drug, weed.

Joseph Phiri who is only 17 years old has been feeding his family by selling airtime scratch cards(vouchers) for much cheaper prices than their actual value for two years now.

According to his elder sister Joseph only need to be very high on weed to start guessing airtime scratch cards(vouchers) and he knows which network he is guessing for before he start saying out numbers.

Misozi Phiri who is Joseph’s only sister further said “I just have to keep a pen and paper close to me whenever he is high on weed, he doesn’t do cheap airtime like K1, K2, K5 or K10. He starts at K20 going up and we sell them at 50% discount. I even opened a savings account in January this year and so far we have made K37000”.

While I was talking to Misozi, Joseph was obviously high on weed, he said MTN and suddenly started saying out a sequence of numbers which turned out to be K50 MTN Airtime and I only paid K25 for it.

Two mobile network providers have tried to get him arrested but both DEC and the police have said “there’s nothing they can charge him for he obviously didn’t commit any crime but if it’s true he uses illegal drugs he could be arrested for possession and use of illegal drugs only if we find them on him”.

Meanwhile MTN and Airtel are offering to take him to Great North Academy Rehab Centre to fight his addiction as a way to stop him from selling their products.



  1. Leave him alone its God’s given talent to him! Where are researchers to try and understand whats going on? The good thing is that the service providers will be forced to reconsider and make charges on their services friendlier!


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