Ronald Chitotela

Meanwhile, Artists who are also anti-government activists do not stand a chance to benefit from the 30 Million Kwacha stimulus package announced by President Lungu.

Tourism and Arts Minister, Ronald Chitotela has stressed that the money is meant for artists and not activists.

He says both gospel and circular, performing and non-performing artists are at liberty to benefit from the package through the formation of co-operatives.

Mr. Chitolela was speaking during the ordination ceremony at Seventh Day Adventists Church in Mansa.



  1. So as always, this is a stinking bribe to woo those that are perceived to be comfortable with the rotten and stinking regime. What does one expect from a corrupt regime? Are activists artists not Zambians? Is the money not coming from the tax payers who may be related to activists? All you artist who will access this bribe, just get it donchi kubeba.


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