Emetrude Situmbeko Mwanangombe & Afumba Mombotwa


Wednesday, 02 June 2021 | By News Editor, Barotseland Post

Mrs Emetrude Situmbeko Mwanangombe, incarcerated Barotseland campaigner Afumba Mombotwa’s wife, who died at the hands of Mukobeko Prison Serial Killers in Kabwe, central Zambia, has been put to rest in her homeland of Barotseland.

She met her cruel end when she went to visit her husband at Kabwe’s Mukobeko prison where he continues to serve a 15-year treason sentence for his peaceful campaign for Barotseland’s self-determination.

At the maximum prison, she was lured by the assailant who pretended to be a prison warder and called her on her personal mobile phone, supposedly to update her on the pending release of her husband from jail through a presidential pardon.

Unbeknownst to Mrs Mombotwa, James Chiteta, the supposed Prison Officer, was nothing but a cold-blooded killer inmate who had been luring female relatives of fellow inmates in the same elaborate criminal scheme and would go on to rape and murder his unsuspecting victims including her.

In total, the assailant with his co-accused, Miles Malaya, has raped, murdered, and buried at least nine female victims and a six-month-old baby around the prison farms where they were entrusted to work the fields as reformed inmates since February 2021.

And hundreds of Barotzis turned up to pay their last respect to Mrs Mombotwa in a solemn funeral procession that took place in Limulunga, the royal capital of Barotseland.

The procession, which involved the church, civil societies, and political activists started with a church service at the New Apostolic Church, Limulunga Central Congregation, where she was a member, ended up at the Limulunga cemetery where she has been put to rest.

Her funeral and national mourning will continue until 8th June 2021.

Meanwhile, the Linyungandambo, Barotseland’s main independence movement founded by her husband to peacefully push for Barotseland’s self-determination, have called on the Zambian state to thoroughly investigate Mrs Mombotwa’s death to make sure that all those involved in her gruesome murder and that of the other nine victims are brought to book.

Speaking at Mrs Mombotwa’s funeral, the Linyungandambo General Secretary, Samuel Kalimukwa, appealed to the government to investigate the matter thoroughly and ensure that all the people behind the Mukobeko criminal syndicate are dealt with accordingly.

Meanwhile, an inquest has been opened to determine how James and Miles had acquired access to their fellow prisoners’ spouses and relatives’ private information to carry out such an elaborate murderous scheme.


  1. This happening before the 14 days grant by ECL, think of it how much loss we will face in terms of defilement, rapes and other related crimes to happen before hand?

    Ohh no God of mercy bear with us.


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