Dear brethren,

After deep prayer and reflection, my life – now and into the future is a choice between love and politics.

Sadly, hitherto, I have not been inspired by the practice of our politics especially by my fellow youths who I had hoped would form a strong character to change our political narrative. We have gone ahead with the “business as usual” and forgotten that politics is about service to the people and not a private wealth creation centre. Furthermore, there is so much hate in the practice of our politics, and I find it hard to fit – the opposition hates the ruling and vice versa.

The opposite of hate is love.

Brethren, between the two, I choose love.

I therefore announce the suspension of political interests – current and future to focus on love.

I think I can do well in love than in politics.

At an opportune time, perhaps, I may reignite my interest. For now, love is all I need.

I wish my colleagues in both the ruling and opposition party well as they endeavour to govern our country.

Goodbye and God bless.

Hjoe Moono



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