Over 600 families in Mindolo North area in Kitwe have been left homeless following the demolition of their houses which were illegally built on Mopani land.

Mopani Copper Mines Public Relations Manager Nebert Mulenga has said the exercise was meant to protect Mopani land, saying the operation was undertaken in the early hours of today.

He said security personnel will continue to guard the secured area until further notice.

Mopani undertook an operation in conjunction with the Zambia Police Service to secure a small part of its concession in the Mindola North area of Kitwe.

Over the past 18 months, some people have illegally demarcated plots of land on Mopani property bordering Itimpi Forest and Mugala Township and extending to the Kalulushi-Sabina road.

Mr Mulenga further said trespassing has continued despite widespread local stakeholder engagements on the associated safety risks of trespassing on mine concessions.



  1. This is how the post Says PF is bettering the lives of the Zambians. While illegal land allocation must not be tolerated, handling indigenous Zambians in that heartless and cruel manner in a cold season is worse than wizardly. We are actually dealing with mfwiti mfwiti. Are there no better ways of handling your own people who are suffering from homelessness because of lack of vision governance?


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