More than 25 clinics and hospitals turned on the UPND party president Hakainde Hichilema for alternative power supply,Boreholes and toilet blocks

Tuesday 10th September 2019

Due to unprecedented loadshedding coupled with the increased dark hours from 6 a day to 12,most clinics and hospitals have had big challenges in running smoothly the operations of the health institutions.In addition, the health centers and institutions have no water supply and toilet blocks for patients and staffs.

Unfortortunately the Government has decided to put a blind eye on these serious matters of loadshedding,water and toilets to these critical institutions like clinics and hospitals causing premature deaths that if with a sound leadership could be very much avoided,they said.

This has made most of us from different clinics and hospitals in Lusaka and rural areas of the country to look upto the opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema to also think of extending his gesture by assisting us with alternative power supply, boreholes and toilet blocks.

Today the office of the opposition leader has received more than 25 requests from different hospitals and clinics in the country pleading for his generosity and kindness through his community outreach program and social responsibility to also help them with generators and solar panel system.

Some officials who requested their identities concealed for fear of victimization by the ruling party the PF have demoaned hardship in operating the health institutions due to the failure by the party in government to invest in health sector in particular the health centers,clinics and hospitals around the country.

The clinics and hospitals around the country are in deplorable state without drugs, staffs, clean drinking water, poor working conditions for the health officials and now the 12 hours loadsheding making it difficult for us to provide much needed health services to our patients especially those on life serving machines.

We therefore plead with the opposition leader Mr.Hakainde Hichilema as he plans to help chawama clinic and others with the alternative power supply -the genset to also think of extending his generosity to us who are pretty much faced with the similar operational challenges if not worse.

The UPND party president is well known for his expanded community outreach program and social responsibility even before the PF and Mr.Edgar Lungu joined politics under which he has rehabilitated and planted boreholes across the country, the recent one being in petauke Eastern Province.Hakainde Hichilema has built health centers in southern province,western province, Lusaka province example in Chongwe where one of his health centers was recently discovered to have been commissioned by the government vice president Inonge Wina.

The UPND president has built schools including staff houses across the country.The recent one was in southern province which he surrendered to the PF government last year in 2018.As we are speaking the school is in full operation.

The UPND president has planted dams, abattoir across the country as his contribution to agriculture, livestock farming to be precise.

The UPND president is currently sponsoring hundreds of orphans from primary to secondary school and universities under his belief that no child with ability and intellect should be left behind without education when he himself received free education from the Zambian government through bursaries during his time at the University of Zambia [UNZA] before going overseas for his Masters Degree in Business Administration at Bummingham university,United Kingdom.

The UPND part president is on record for donating various food stuffs and other life sustaining items and feeding the street kinds.The recent gesture being the 25,000 x 25KG bags of mealie meal to the drought affected communities and the Genset at Chawama clinic which unfortunately president Edgar Lungu and his PF government have on many occasions blocked him [HH] from helping the distressed and hungry communities for the reasons best known to themselves.

Meanwhile Hakainde Hichilema has maintained his position of ploughing back to the communities and has said nothing will stop him from doing that which is right both in the eyes of man and God.

“People are dying in hospitals and clinics and; communities due to long hours of loadshedding and shortage of food/high mealie meal prices respectively”- HH says

We have seen many other people donate mealie meal, and other food stuffs without being harrassed but when its HH you send hundreds of armed police to block one individual.Let the police be sent to the townships that need their protection and that of their property and not me.Im not a criminal but an upright and law abiding citizen who must be treated the same way as those you share the same dinner table with.The current loadsheding and the unprecedented levels of hunger must not be politicized.This is the time that Zambians must unite and help our brothers, sisters ,mothers and fathers out there.

Written by:Kallabby kalabadia



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