More videos emerge of the stoning of HH in Mpika

Video footage of a man suspected to be a police officer hurling a rock at UPND President Hakainde Hichilema’s vehicle has emerged. The man wearing a white shirt and shorts is clearly embedded among uniformed police officers who watch him throw a stone at HH’s vehicle without challenging him.

Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo is accusing the UPND for causing violence in Mpika but the video clearly proves that the UPND convoy was under serious attack apparently by multiple forces.



  1. Stupid policemen and this is the government of devil and evils very is no way how you can point fingers at upnd you ka steven kampyongo. I don’t think if your threat will take you somewhere in 2021!!at homea fairs ministr what a joke of the century no wonder people who attended prayers today where very few.

  2. Stupid policemen and very stupid forex criminal turned miniter of home land security. The time is right to turn to guns now. These pf idiot are daring the situation.

  3. Kampyongo getting angery because people want to escort hh to muchinga what a nosense behavior . Kampyongo in iraq we had chemical ili but today he is no longer there, meaning on earth we are not planted . Let your wife clap for you today boss

  4. Men and women in uniform are also protecting their jobs as well. Politics won’t feed them if fired, after all its the same cadres and general complainants who voted in this bundle of intellectual criminals.
    Leave a police alone deal with the nonsense on ballot

  5. That’s why no one can go to report to police if attacked by pf thugs.police will just look at minister then starts issuing threats to innocent people.that fool throwing stones at HH was supposed to be arrested but we know how selective these people are.police even protecting that fool ,you ought to be ashamed of kapyongo you have made a bad name for yourself.your legacy is already made and we shall not forget how you have made the innocent go to jail and how you protected criminals.your time is coming to give account.


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