MOROCCAN REF DUBBED THE NEW ‘Diramba’….after shocking officiating in Chipolopolo’s bizarre defeat to Equatorial Guinea

Moroccan referee Noureddine El Jaafari has come under fire following his poor officiating in Zambia’s 2-0 defeat to Equatorial Guinea in a Matchday 3 FIFA World Cup qualifier on Thursday at Estadio de Malabo.

El Jaafari and his assistants left a sour taste and conjured bitter memories of Jean Diramba, the referee that cost Zambia against Morocco in a crucial USA 94 World Cup qualifier.

This Moroccan referee was determined to outdo his predecessor and was at from the first whistle! Seemingly deciding against the Chipolopolo on every occasion in the first 10 minutes.

In that time, Zambia gave away more than 6 fouls whilst only winning 1. ‘Diramba’ el Jaafari was quick to book Patson Daka in the 23rd minute for an innocuous challenge in the midfield area and that was just a warm up.

Two minutes later, he reached into his back pocket to send off Prince Mumba for what was at most a yellow card offense.

At this point, fans around the country had seen enough and lashed out at this poor officiating, some even calling for the Moroccan Diramba to be investigated by CAF, African football’s governing body.

El Jaafari saved his worst for when it hurt the most though. The first goal was conceded from a free kick given when the ball struck a Zambian player’s arm IN ITS NATURAL POSITION!!!

There was also a foul on Patson Daka which he waived play on despite the Leicester man being hacked at the edge of the opposition box.

Former Gabonese referee Jean Diramba is legendary in Zambia

For the second, even Diramba would have been proud. Noureddine el Jaafari blew his whistle for a foul, he then scurried over, yellow card in hand and called the offending Zambian to him. With the Zambians distracted, the Nzalang Nacional took the free kick quickly and scored from the cross, albeit at the second attempt as the brave Chibwe stopped the first shot. One wonders which rules the official used on that occasion.

To add insult to injury, the Moroccan referee then proceeded to card the Zambian defender Benedict Chepeshi for the initial challenge.

At this point, all who had been alive to witness the 93 debacle only had one name in mind, Diramba!


  1. I watched the match. Indeed that referee should be investigated. If these are the referees FIFA uses then football will not have fair play!!

  2. Don’t forget that CAF is involved in this conspiracy of favouring certain teams, in this case, Tunisia. Remember Morroco just like Tunisia is all members of the Union of Arab Association.
    Football in Africa will never develop with such a mentality.


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