“He was killed for breaking in the house and stabbing an innocent man to death on Friday Night”

Nakonde’s deadliest robber/thief has finally been killed, Muchinga Province Police Commissioner Joel Njase has confirmed. Speaking to ZANIS yesterday Mr Njase said a dangerous criminal from Tanzania only identified as Danken was killed by angry Nakonde Residents on Friday around 24 hours after he stabbed an innocent man to death. The commissioner said the dangerous criminal first invaded the home of an identified man in Ntindi Village around 23:45 hours and stabbed him in the stomach using a sharp knife forcing all the intestines to come out.

The neighbors came to his defense after his 12 year old son shouted for help after he locked the house before the thief could get outside. And when the neighbors arrived, they found the thief inside the houses and his victim laying lifeless in a pool of blood. The neighbors could not help but beating Nakonde’s most dangerous robber to death before setting him on fire.

Meanwhile, the relatives to the robber have refused to collect the body from Nakonde mortuary fearing reprisals from Nakonde Residents and the relatives of the man who was murdered by the thief in his house. The Robber will now be buried by council police.
The criminal Danken was the leader of Nakonde/Tundema’s most dangerous and notorious gang group which calls itself “Manguluwene Jimbo”. This criminal group has claimed many lives in both Tanzania and Zambia.

The innocent man who was stabbed to death by this dangerous thief on Friday last week was finally put to rest yesterday, Monday.


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