Most Zambians are jealous people, looked down upon my husband, framed him so that I can date them-American Woman discloses.

I traveled to Zambia as a tourist where I met Sylvester Mumba in 2012 in Livingstone,Zambia when I went there on vacation.

Sylvester used to sell things made out of wood at a place called Mukuni park in Livingstone.

He was a talented woodcarver, he used to make
decorative crafts out of wood.

I got his phone number after I asked him to make a wooden map of United States Of America with my names written on it.

From that day,he became my friend and we started communicating even when I came back to USA.

I was 23 years old and single when I met him, I just did not feel happy,I was basically lonely and I would call Sylvester whenever I felt lonely.

We would chat for hours non-stop.

He had broken english but I understood everything.

He used to tell me that” we were meant to be because only I understood his bad english”

We then started dating six months later.

I saved up just enough working as a Host in at a SteakHouse, went to a travel agency booked a plane ticket and was off again to Zambia,but this time not to see the Victoria falls but to see Sylvester.

The ticket was $1,357 dollars at the time round trip.

I stayed in Zambia for a month and we quickly got married.

Then after the wedding,i left him in Zambia.

Back home in USA, I paid an Immigration lawyer to help me with visa paper work for Sylvester.
To make the long story short, Sylvester was given a green card and that’s how he came to USA in May 2013.

We did another wedding in USA.

We were so Much in love.

All was well in our marriage.

I even helped him get a Job at Target Stores and helped him buy a car to ease his movements.

He slowly started adapting to the American culture and his English Improved.

Trouble started when he met the Zambian community living in the USA and together they became one family.

As time went by,we started attending functions/parties organised by the Zambian community in USA.

I was even there in Tampa, Florida to support Zambia National Soccer Team when they took on Japan.

And after the soccer match there was a party where we interacted with the Soccer players and other people in attendance.

I have also attended many independence functions organised by the Zambian community in Atlanta.

I started noticing one thing,the Zambians in USA like gossiping and do not like to see their fellow Zambians (Friends) prosper in Life.

Sylvester’s own Zambian friends, Women inclusive would call and tell me that Sylvester did not marry me because he loves me, but because of poverty and papers (Green card).

They would tell me that he was going around the Zambian community,telling people that he was just using me to become a US citizen and that he will leave me once he is given a green card valid for 10-years.

Some of his male friends would call me asking me to divorce him and marry them instead, and many would call asking me for sex.

I did not care about what people were telling me.

I loved him so much and he meant my world to me.

Update I do not understand why Zambians in diaspora are jealous of each other.

My step sister is married to a Nigerian Man and the Nigerians are so supportive of each other and very different from the Zambians.

Sylvester and I decided to isolate ourselves from all the Zambians in USA because their gossips started affecting our marriage.

We were happy once again until in June this year when Sylvester was arrested for being in possession of drugs.

He went drinking with some of his so called “trusted Zambian friends” and they know themselves.

After around midnight,they all decided to call it a day.

Sylvester was the only one driving,so he had to drop his friends at their various homes.

And after dropping his friends,on his way back home, he was stopped by a squad car
(Police Car).

His friends planted some drugs in his car and called the police.

And that’s how he was arrested in June and was deported back to Zambia. But government only bought a ticket recently and he arrived in Zambia three weeks ago.

I tried to fight his deportation for 4 months but it couldn’t work out as you know our immigration laws are now tough because of our current president.

People get deported for minor offences.

But the disgusting part is the Zambian men who are Sylvester’s friends! Tthe sad part is that his friends have been asking me to date them since the time he was detained.

Sylvester left USA three weeks ago and on Friday 24th November,2017 I was devastated to learn that he had committed suicide.

Sylvester will be put to rest today the 27th of November,2017 at his parents village in Northern part of Zambia.

I am so heartbroken. I can’t stop crying.

I am unable to travel to Zambia.

My prayers and thoughts are with his family!


  1. Sad but true what you have said about zambians. I once dated a British girl when I was studying in uk.zambians just assumed she loved all zambians and it could have been anyone one of them.

    • I am a Zambian citizen working in the United Kingdom. This story and her experiences with my fellow countrymen can never be far from the truth. We have been cut from a very fad cloth when it comes to seeing others get better than us. I never associate myself with my fellow Zambians because of this very reason. I feel your pain my sister and condolences to you and to his family.

  2. Makes sad reading. My condolences to you and the rest of the family. Be strong and you have to find the strength to move on. The Lord Bless you and your family in your trying time!

    • Don’t even talk of here in Zambia.I personally have relatives who are jealous of my humble life.Disgusting people really.When they think you have made it they start acting like you are responsible for their sorry lives,for them being poor.

  3. I am a Zambian citizen working in the Unoted Kingdom. This story and her experiences with my fellow countrymen can never be far from the truth. We have been cut from a very fad cloth when it comes to seeing others get better than us. I never associate myself with my fellow Zambians because of this very reason. I feel your pain my sister and condolences to you and to his family.

  4. Very sad story. Zambians are very primitive since 1991 when education became unavailable to the majority of Zambians because of fees and the reduction in quality. As a result, the undesirable instincts of greed, self-preservation, ‘PHD” (Put Him/Her Down) have taken root on a global scale. One only has to look at how much the official media, government leaders etc are busy hounding HH just because he has better education, better personal achievements, and better economic policies than themselves. Instead of celebrating a fellow citizen who has important useful skills necessary to help to steer the country to better growth, they are busy demonizing him and trashing him, all because they are scared of him rising to office and doing the things that they cannot do due to their poor mindset and abilities.

    • I could not agree with you more. These people can not fathom or stomach the sight of success. Zimbabweans are rated at 90% literacy rate being independent only for 37 years, while at 53 years, Zambia has nose-dived at 64% and still caught up in examination leakages. What a shame!!

      Those that appear educated academically, still cannot celebrate the success of others. We have to change as a nation and show civility. At present, we are not ready to even assume leadership at any level. Look at ubuloshi, burglary and laziness, they smile at you every you go. This is why outsiders will never appoint locals to strategic positions in Zambia.

  5. This is very sad, I am sorry he has to go through with this to the point of death( may he rest in peace) and also you love taking away from you. as a christian i will advice you let God take control of everything and your late husband enemy will reap what they did sow. Take Heart let God be your only friend.

  6. I am sorry for having lost your lovely Sylvester, your Zambian beloved husband and friend. I did live in Zambia as a young man, many years ago, but, my experiences were different. Zambians, both men and women were nice loving people, especially during the presidency of Mr. Kenneth Kaunda. Unfortunately, poverty has engraved the minds of many poor Zambians leading them to hate and jealous against their fellow Zambians! It is sad that your Sylvester is gone. He loved you very much that since he could not reverse the deportation, by returning to the US, thereby getting the love he had for you, Sylvester preferred to end his life. Here is the proof and power of the love he had for you ! May the Lord our God redeem his soul from having taken his own life. You now have seen and experienced the power of love. May God bless you. Continue praying that God will bless and one day you will see the soul of your lovely Sylvester

  7. I am very touched by this story. Very very touched indeed. Unfortunately, that is how most of us Zambians are though we still call our country christian, where? Christianity is in the actions… “you will know them by their fruits!” My sister, I am grateful that you took care and really loved our brother and God will reward you for this. May you find peace in Jesus as you mourn your late husband, Sylvester Mumba.

  8. All human beings are full of jealous and that is why GOD gave us the TEN COMMANDMENTS to follow.
    The new world the Americas was formed because of jealous in Europe that existed then and sill exists- the blues eyes better and caused world wars. The jews were gased because of jealous. We can go on and on.
    The Russia is full of jealous from time in memorial. That is why China built the Great Wall to protect themselves from the jealous of those Russians. It was the Russians who destroyed the Black Kingdom of Kushi in Central Asia because of jealous. Russia will attack Isreal in the end of days because of jealous.
    It is Jealous every where.
    Some people steal votes because of jealous.

  9. The story is a sad read indeed sorry for you. But the guy is also to blame he was old enough to discern that that those where not his friends.Him being married what was he even doing out that late drinking.He should have completely isolated himself from them so called Fellow Zambians.Personally i would associate myself with any good human being not just because they are Zambians.We really need to rewrite this bad narrative about us Zambians this sh**t is pulling us down,the sad thing is even education has failed to do it coz even among est the most educated in Zambia this syndrome is rife.

  10. You are very right my Sister…..Zambians are not just jealousy but very retrogressive. They believe in PHD……pull him/her down. They are not supportive and will make sure you fall if you show any signs of prosperity. No wonder in Zambia only foreigners thrive whilst Zambians continue wallowing in poverty. Shame on us. Lastly, am very sorry for that experience with one of us but its good that you have brought it out …..maybe we can change for the better.

  11. Comment:may his soul rest in peace * the other this is that Zambians will smile at you but in hearts they hating Zambian families hate on each other I so hate my country people attitude my soul lady seek Gods guidance and you will be okay.

  12. So touching stories, nowander we don’t prosper in Zambia,we really need to recolonized. He shouldn’t have committed suicide,he was only supposed to cast everything in the Almighty Jehovah’s hands for vindication. Cursed are those that did that.

  13. I am so broken hearted equally to what you feel for Sylvester…this attitude yes is real and has killed many innocent people.
    It’s high time people need to change their mindset from primitive way of thinking to the well civilised manner… “Love is meant to be enjoyed but when jealous stands in between it destroys…”
    To be honesty Whites are good wife materials who truly understand clearly the importance of marriage and the fear of GOD. How I wish I can have one to be a good wife for me.

  14. Its so sad to learn that zambians are able to show their stupidity even to the outside world like that,its sad to loose a life the way we have lost Sylvester,may his soul rest in peace,my dear, God will see you through this trying time,seek his face and he will show you the way,much love,praying for you always, Percy mwape from Lusaka Zambia.

  15. Am pretty sure he’s gonna come back to you. The reason would be that Sylvester was not a city guy so he just got up by city life because it was too much for that he couldn’t handle. Nevertheless, You should fall in love with someone who is kind of divine.

  16. This is so touching. Am sorry for the loss. God will reward you for the heart for people you have and thank you for even want to share. It’s a lifetime lesson to many to be careful

  17. May God Himself deliver us from this spirit. Ones sees it even among family members who will seem to rejoice with you and yet turn right around and trash your family and children when you are dead. Do come to Zambia and conclude your mourning. Else you may not move on in your life. May the God of all comfort Himself direct your path?

  18. sad story my sister this is the only reason y African country remains poor we don’t like our friends doing fine or better than us inimitable GOD knows more about this race …..

  19. Its a sad thing altogether. Some Zambians are good but some are very jealousy to such an extent. My condolences to you and the mumba family. Those his friends shall reap what they sowed by doing that to Sylvester may God mend your bleeding heart. God will see you through, just trust him alone he will make a way for you. Stay blessed.

  20. This makes sad reading indeed. That is the plain truth about most Zambians. They’re rotten to the core with hate and jealous though they claim to be peaceful and friendly. They’re only backward double hypocrites and bitter enemies of themselves. No wonder we’re still stagnated even after being independent for half a century. Shame..!


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