Motorists have been panicking over what is believed to be a human Ghost that has been appearing on the road and causing accidents along the Lusaka _ Kabwe road.

This creature in picture below looks like a human being trying to cross over to the other side when a motorist is moving at a high speed, to avoid hitting it, the motorist will have to swing to avoid bashing it.

While driving from Chongwe to Kabwe, Prophet Stepherd M Mesala a Zambian born popular Prophet was met face to face with the said Ghost human.

Prophet Stepherd M Mesala commanded in the name of Jesus Christ that the Person be still without moving, the Ghost failed to disapear as the man of God stepped out of his car to take a look at the creature that wanted to kill him in a road accident.

As he was praying on the road side, the Ghost failed to dissapear but instead stood still until the man of God came closer and took two pictures of it.

The believed Ghost could not talk or make any sound. After closer to 10 minutes, the Ghost screamed that it will never cause any accidents in that road if it was let go.

In after about 15 minutes, the Ghost spoke with a small voice that it was sent to cause over 123 accidents in the Lusaka _ Kabwe road before it can shift to another road.

It said one of its mission was to also kill about 15 pastors and prophets of God. As the man of God did not tolerate the nonsense, he opened a heavy prayer by fire, commanding the living Ghost to burn immediately.

It begged the man of God not to kill it, but to let it go for it was sent to hurt allot of people in that road.

Apparently the man of God prayed as the Ghost disappeared in the nearest bush.

For this news confirmation, You can call Prophet Stepherd M Mesala on +260954689538.



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