Mpezeni tells PF Tonga Campaign Manager, ‘We will vote for President Edgar Lungu because he is one of us’.

By Richard Aaron Ngoma

Paramount Chief Mpezeni of the Ngoni speaking people of the Eastern Province has shocked PF Mobilization member Bizwell Mutaale by categorically stating that he will support President Lungu based on his ethnicity as he hails from Eastern Province. Mutaale a Tonga has been traversing Southern Province accusing Chiefs in the province of supporting UPND President Hakainde Hichilema because he is Tonga.

“There is need for Eastern Province to give President Edgar Lungu maximum votes in 2021 because he is a son of the soil. No one can neglect his own son and President Edgar Lungu is a son of the soil”, stated Paramount Chief Chief Mpezeni to a perplexed PF Mobilization official.

Mutaale who was paying a courtesy call on the Chief had earlier told Mpezeni that he had told his fellow traditional leaders in Southern Province not to vote on tribal lines but on the quality of leadership.

“Your Majesty, I have been travelling all over Southern Province and told their Royal Highnesses there not to support a candidate because of his origins or tribe but based on good leadership attributes”.

However, Paramount Chief Mpezeni’s response appeared to have been in stark contrast to Mutaale’s claims insisting that President Edgar Lungu must be supported by Easterners because he was an Easterner (son of the soil).


  1. Look at you now.this idiot doesn’t realize that his dealing with tribalists themselves.dude certain chiefs benefit massively from government hence they owe all there allegiance to the government.remember that these were the same chiefs that milked banda(R.B)

  2. Useless and stupid man Mpezeni, you are an idiot. What kind of a man are you? What are you teaching the upcoming generation? You must be a father of this country and even if you have seen something good about Lungu, you being a Father you just have to appreciate him and keep quiet when it comes to voting. The only time we should hear you say something is when you advise your children to vote wisely and peacefully. Mpezeni remember even Harry Kalaba, Chishimba Kambwili, Edith Nawakwi, Hakainde Hichilema etc are all your children. Give then an advise to love each other even if they differ in there political vachu but they remaining brothers and sisters. Than this stupid words ba Mpezeni mulebofya. Am tumbuka by tribe but I don’t support your stupidity. You chiefs, what has come over you kanshi? Ichinacho ichipuba chinobe ichaku kasama chilelanda ifyo chishibe. Ubufumu bwalipwa eeeee

  3. Should every tribe have a presidential candidate then? Are those tribes which do not have presidential candidates not to vote then?

  4. When did Ngonis migrate to Eastern Province to claim that they are Easterners? Only about 200 years ago. Are they related to other tribes in Eastern Pronvince? The answer is No. They abandoned Nguni language and adopted Nsenga/ chewe which they found in Eastern Pronvince. This issue of wako ni wako is just an imagination. They just use the name as a basis. If HH changed his name today to Phiri they will say he is our. Stupid and primitive imagination.

  5. Bizwell, now you know. You have been singled out as Tonga campaign manager. You are just wasting your time. They will never recognise you despite been business partner with GBM. Good lucky to you.

  6. Lets not insult imfumu though such insults are at the chiefs’ invitation when they enter into the arena of politicking forgetting that their very own subjects have diversified political preferences! Whether by dementia, hangover or just being honest about support for the wako ni wako principle that is his right to personal opinion. It becomes a problem when he openly starts imposing party preference politics on his people for in a democracy a “king” that he is his role looms larger over party politics in governance of his subjects. I pray that Zambia does not give rise to a leader who like Mwalimu Julius Nyerere of Tanzania would abolish the cultural heritage of traditional leaders. Lets wait to hear if the PF government will give counsel and guidance probably through the House of Chiefs.

  7. This Mpezeni does not know what is good for the country. He wants to perpetuate ineptitude, corruption, tribalism, poverty, our enslavement to China, etc by supporting Proven Failures in office.


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