Elias Mpondela

By Tasha Mwansa

Zambia Athletics (ZA) formerly Zambia Amateur Athletics Association president Elias Mpondela has finally announced that he will step down this December.

Mpondela who has been at the helm of ZAA since 1998 is now the longest serving sports association president in SADC with his 22-year-old grip on the sports body.

Mpondela announced this development to Koswe’s Tasha Mwansa today saying he will be stepping aside this December to pave way for others to also help improve athletics in Zambia.

The principal objectives of the Association is to administer, conduct, manage, supervise, regulate, promote, foster and control the athletics activities throughout the country. -Koswe



  1. Label Mpondela as one that has overstayed at the helm of the athletics body but having met him years back in a relaxed atmosphere one on one I got to understand his deep passion for the sport! Hope though he continues to avail himself whenever called upon!


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