Sensational Nigerian singer Mr P has expressed disappointment on Copperbelt rapper Chef 187’s inability to write verses and punchlines in English.

According to the source in Lagos Nigerian Mr P was so reluctant to put a verse in the song with Chef 187 as he was not impressed with his skills.


The only thing that forced Mr P to do a collabo with Chef is the fact that he was paid for a feature by Chivas Whiskey and he didn’t do it voluntarily.

ctually Mr P had initially branded chef 187 as an upcoming and was only willing to work with Slapdee who is well known all over Africa.


The problem starts with Chef who is unable to speak proper English and one wonders how Chivas Regal whisky chose him to represent Zambia on such a huge magnitude.

But according to our sources Chivas first approached XYZ godfather Slapdee to represent Zambia but he turned down the offer because he couldn’t agree with the terms and conditions.

SOURCE: Mwebantu Zambia


  1. I like Chef and my advice to him is that it is not too late, late him go back to school while progressing in his music, with eduction he will make it big

  2. I love chef and am the biggest funy it’s not the end of the world but he just need to start writing songs in English like others artist

  3. It doesn’t matter English isn’t his mother language and people shouldn’t force him to rap in English! BTS can’t speak English but have won multiple awards. Mr p should not act like someone who has never been to school to judge someone because they can’t rap in English.

  4. We are Africans that what Mr so called P must realise and as a matter of fact even him Mr P his English is not upto date…I don’t think English is superior to any other language ….boi Chef if you want sing Bemba you are at liberty

  5. Hey this is zambia and we can do any thing 187 can do what ever he wants me p as been using is local language to get where he is now so this shouldn’t be the case ati fyoto

  6. Comment:takuli nefyo how many artists we knw who can’t sing in English or how many artists have collaborated with mr p who can’t sing in English then today you blame Chef for his local verses wala

  7. What is wrong with him representing his native language like sarkodie does?
    Mr P shouldn’t be worrying about the lyrics but should worry about having a hit song which seems to be a big problem at this moment.

  8. Comment: That is not important, be proud with who you are, to be a successful musician worldwide it is not an easy thing, you will find a lot of challenges, like the way it happened at the start. we are proud of you bro, and you have inspired a lot of Zambian artist. Mr P you are like a parent to say who is responsible to help, not to destroy other people talents but to encourage them, and counsel them. We come from different backgrounds

  9. Why is that Mr p guy not disappointed with sarkodie,because to me Mr p is equally average in fact a disappointment,no wonder rudeboy is better.

  10. Nigerian artists are too selfish and foolish, because they sing in their local language but what’s wrong with Zambian artists not to sings in local language, chef 187 was very much right to do that .

  11. This MR p is so pre-mature, even if he don’t know, can’t u teach him must u expose him to the whole world, not everybody have the privilege and opportunity to go to school like u.

  12. that’s a fat n huge lie, even if he’s doing so! He’s representing our country….Ba XYZ you are just full of beef, so immature


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