POLICE officers in Muchinga Province last week revealed to Democratic Party president Harry Kalaba PF’s interference in their work.

The officers pleaded with Kalaba who was in the province for party business to always inform them whenever he was visiting to ease their work and save them from PF trouble.

Three plain-clothed police officers in a Muchinga Province Police Toyota Hilux, without no number plate, arrived at LandMark Lodge in Mpika where Kalaba lodged.

The officers told Kalaba that they did not sleep when they heard that he was spending a night in Mpika.

“The information which is at hand is that you are actually attending the prayers; the church service at Katibunga [Parish]. That is the information that we were actually told last evening. So, that is why we thought that we inform you bwana honourable, what is happening outside the so-called church. You may be focusing on the church but also taking care of what is happening,” one of the officers told the DP leader.

“Our worry is, yes, each and every person have the right to go anywhere in terms of church service. Everyone is free to worship at any church he feels like. Now we are looking at the issues outside the church. And those are the issues that we say, no, you need to know. We tip you of PF organising themselves to come and attack you. They are saying if you are going into the church, us as officers we have no problem but if he leaves after church then he goes to a certain place, try to talk to people away from church grounds, they would attack you.”

“That is when we said no, no we need to inform you. If it is something to do with the church, no problem. Everyone has a right to worship at any church regardless of his own understanding.”

Another police officer chipped in saying, “honourable, just to add on, you know the system is already known. There are times whereby when you come, complaints come from PF [that] no you have allowed this person…so such kind of things. If you inform us when you are coming, then we have some answers to give that you came through our offices and he has come to do A, B, C, D. That way it puts us in a better position. That is why we said it is better we discuss this on one on one. You also understand our position that we are sometimes squeezed by the system.”

The officers further said they were there to protect Kalaba and any other citizen whenever they got intelligence information that bordered on him.

They said Kalaba was a high profile figure that should be protected.

“Last night we had pressure, no wondered your chairlady recorded 30 minutes missed calls. We had too much pressure, you know the system, because all eyes were on us. They were busy asking for the report. We started calling your chair-lady before midnight until 04:00 hours. We have even disturbed her sleep,” the officer said.

When Kalaba muttered that “Kampyongo is worried”, the officer responded with a big “yes, he is worried big time” because everyone was focusing on Mpika.

Kalaba told the three police officers that he would put them in trouble under the law saying he was a free citizen with the right to congregant with the people of Katibunga.

“I can assure you colleagues that I am not going to go outside the circumference of the church, no. I will not do that. First of all for myself, I hate to be inconvenienced. I hate to be disturbed and called off. I can tell you that we are not here to bring any harm. And thank you for that concern. I will be leaving very shortly,” said Kalaba.

“If the security was the way we want as Democratic Party, you are the rightful people to be with but you are not independent also. The [PF] cadres have more authority than you. I know what I am talking about. I try as much as I can not to be in conflict with them.”

And at the Christ the King Parish in Katibunga, Mfuwe Constituency, Kalaba told the residents that he was available for the 2021 elections as a presidential candidate for Democratic Party.

He told the congregation that he could not betray them like others have done but he would work on the road project from Mpika to Katibunga and build a police station in the area once he was voted as Republican president.



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