Dear Editor,

Kindly publish my views about the late Robert Gabriel Mugabe in your widely read publication on the Letters section.

I struggle to understand that Mugabe hero’s status is being praised widely by insane people who are unable to open their minds widely.

Mr Mugabe was a deadly virus which destroyed productive farms and eroded the economy of Zimbabwe to the core for the past three decades.

He killed innocent citizens including some white farmers who helped Zimbabwe to become the bread basket of Africa.

He was the grandfather of corruption and wanted to elevate his vocal wife to the vice presidency. He forced nearly 4 million people to flee Zimbabwe in search of better standards and put huge strain on host countries particularly South Africa.

The current president failed to revive the country with abundant resources and attract the million Zimbabweans who are becoming deskilled in diaspora.

Pressure should be applied on president Mnangagwa to effectively revive the economy so that those in exile will return home in millions like they did when they fled Mugabe dictatorship


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