MULTIPLE suspects have been picked up to help Police with investigations into cases of alleged ritual murders in Lusaka’s Matero township.

Kapwepwe Ward 25 Councillor, Mwamba Salubusa, told the Daily Nation that 13 suspects had so far been picked up but Police only confirmed holding five.

The suspects are being held to help Police with investigations of alleged ritual killings that have rocked Lusaka’s Paradise area in Matero Township.

The latest development follows the arrest on Saturday, of Nickson Tembo, who was allegedly found with two pairs of trousers and blood-stained shoes and some suspected human tissue.

Severed private body parts were found on the roof top of a house where the suspect allegedly led police.

Police explained that the owner of the house was not aware of the act and only discovered the macabre finding when the investigations team went to retrieve the body parts from the roof.

But family members of the people picked up by police, whose identities have been withheld, have accused the prime suspect, Tembo, of shielding his accomplices while linking innocent people to the alleged ritual killings in which some body parts are removed.

“Everyone in this compound knows the good behaviour of my grandson whom we know has no criminal record and I have never received any report of him fighting with anyone,” complained one of the family members.

Meanwhile, Kapwepwe Ward 25 Councillor, Mwamba Salubusa, bemoaned the killings that have rocked the area in the last few months, assuring the residents that police were on top of the matter.

“People committing these acts have no humane feelings in them, it’s so disheartening to lose human life, imagine a family has lost a bread winner from this barbaric act,” Mr Salubusa said

And members of the community requested Mr Salubusa to ensure that a curfew was introduced as Paradise compound had become a haven of crime and illicit activities such as the sale of cannabis.

He however disclosed that 13 suspects so far had been apprehended by the police in connection with the murder

And Zambia Police spokesperson, Esther Katongo told the Daily Nation that police officers managed to apprehend 5 suspects to help with investigations into the matter.

She also revealed that postmortem results from the body found on Saturday indicated that some internal body parts were missing apart from private parts.

“We appeal to families within the compound and surrounding areas with missing relatives to go to Matero police or UTH mortuary to help in identifying the victim who still remains unidentified,” she said.

On Saturday police picked up the body of a man with missing private parties in Paradise compound after which police apprehended a 29-year-old man of the same area in connection with the murder.

The remains of a house which was set ablaze by an angry mob after Nickson Tembo was caught with bloodied hands. Picture by MUKOSELA KASALWE
The area where the body of the unidentified victim was discovered with missing body parts. – Picture by MUKOSELA KASALWE
Councillor Salubusa listens to Ms Edna Mulenga on whose roof ritual killers threw body parts of the victim. -Picture by MUKOSELA KASALWE


  1. There is information that there is a group of foreigners (from DRC) in the country for sole purpose of killing people and remove certain parts. Some government operatives are aware of this

  2. We had plenty of these just before 2016 general elections. Many were arrested and some from military groups The IG told the nation that men were arrested but all of them were released silently without being taken to court. The government never issued any statement in regard to the same. Even now Kampyongo the Home Affairs Minister is silent but only talks about HH and UPND. PF must stop killing innocent people to remain in power. GOD IS WATCHING. PF is going. Please tell us the men involved in these killings. If it was the opposition involved that party could have by now died with its ritual killings

  3. Comment: Ritual murders have become too rampant in the Zambia. One wonders just what it is that is happening. Where are our security wings? As citizens we are now living in constant fear for our dear life. Something must be done urgently. To the citizens, let’s be like Tanzanians who use mob psychology to rid themselves of undesired elements in their communities. They don’t wait for law enforcers to do it for them. Waiting for the law enforcers results in delayed justice and suspects getting away with it scot free in the final ultimate. Let’s start killing these murderers instantly. We need to protect ourselves or we finish.


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