Parents Get Shock Of their life time after buying a Benz for their daughter for graduation, but finds out she only attended one semester

A Lusaka based couple who sent their daughter to Mulungushi University to study accounts today developed heart attack after finding out that their child did not complete her study but was chased from campus in year 1, first semester.

The parents bought a Mercedes Benz as present for their daughter’s graduation but following the procession, they discovered she was not among those graduating today at. Mulungushi University.

It is at this point the father of a girl identified as Milesa Muyunda went to inquire at the Administration that he was informed his daughter was expelled in the first semester.

Unbelievable, the father told the mother of Melisa after which she collapsed.

When Melisa noticed her father going to seek clarification why she was not on the list of those graduating, she excused herself and disappeared.

However, according to an witness, Melisa was expelled from Mulungushi university after she was found with a man in her room.




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