NATIONAL Democratic Congress (NDC) Secretary General Mwenya Musenge has threatened to dissolve the party’s National Governing Council (NGC) if members continue to make reckless statements which were not in the interest of the party.

Mr Musenge said, as secretary-general, he had the power to dissolve the NGC especially that it was assembled without following the party constitution requirement of electing every office bearer. He said this in an interview in Kitwe yesterday.

He was reacting to a statement attributed to NDC vice-president Joseph Akafumba that Mr Musenge has no authority to represent the party because he was suspended for six months following the expiry of the 21-day forced leave earlier slapped on him.

But Mr Musenge said he was not aware of any suspension adding that he was disappointed that a learned lawyer like Mr Akafumba could also support illegalities in the party.

Mr Musenge said the NGC was an interim structure which had no powers to suspend or make any decision for the party, without the knowledge of the secretary general.

He said he was still the NDC Secretary General and that those who were making reckless statements in the media were only worsening the situation.

“We are a party with a constitution and so, we should start following the constitution. People must start to respect the office of the secretary general and stop doing things as they wish,’’ he said.- DN


  1. Mr Musenge, you claim to be SG of the party right, so why are you addressing the party in a non professional way, you know the procedure to follow in order to address the party, but why are you avoiding that and instead you choose to address the party through social media, why?, have you lost touch with the party, your maneuvers of late will just make even people that could have had sympathy with you to loose it. address the party through party channels and not through the media, you are just denting both your image and that of the party you claim to own.


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