Museveni, Lungu Toast to Long Life and the Death of Democracy in Africa!

—————————————————————By Mainda Simataa | 16 Jan 21 | Lusaka

There’s truth to the saying that birds of the same feather flock together.

In what is yet again Africa’s latest shameless, shambolic, fractious, violent, fictitious and bogus election in Uganda; life President, General Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has found early solace and congratulatory messages from his keen admirer and follower, junior dictator and Zambian Kleptomaniac, Edgar Chagwa Lungu.

Museveni, through all kinds of bloody and bloodless atrocities in the run-up to, during and after Uganda’s January 14 election, has virtually reinstalled himself as life president using sham elections as a rubber-stamp for legitimizing his military junta’s dictatorship while his only rival, and legitimate winner of the elections, Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine, is under house arrest fearing for his life, as these words are being written.

Of course, the ramifications and implications of Museveni’s sham election are far-reaching – such brutal usurpation of the democratic principle, of will of the people of Uganda in particular, and that of the African people in general, cannot be overemphasized – DEMOCRACY is not just on RETREAT in Africa, it’s DEAD! It will take more than a Bobi Wine, more than a ballot box, perhaps even more than a bullet or sledge-hammer, to dislodge latter-day African despots who refuse to be voted out via the ballot box!

It seems mass revolt, insurrection, popular revolt, or the Gandian non-violent protest as some would call it, is the only legitimate and constititutional option left to many an African country that is trying to #removeadictator. But the dictators are smart, stubborn and ruthless, and are arming themselves to the teeth to counter any such insurrections, real or imagined.

As shown already, Museveni has killed no fewer than 52 people in cold blood in Uganda’s pre-election violence, and you can add Bobi Wine’s late driver to that long list, plus Ashraf, his ghetto media guy currently in hospital nursing a headshot wound that nearly killed him. According to Museveni, those killed were foreign-sponsored terrorists hired to distabilize his country.

Museveni’s under-study, the humble-faced but deadly Zambian dictator Edgar Lungu’s is not to be left out of atrocities. His police shot dead two people during a peaceful solidarity gathering for the opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema on 23 December 2020, sending a clear and chilling signal to all would-be protestors, that any kind of dissent will be met with deadly force. According to Lungu’s covid-stricken Minister of police, Kampyongo, the killers were opposition mercenaries from Angola.

It’s the same story everywhere, Sudan, Mali, Nigeria, even closer to home with the butcher of Zimbabwe next door, Military strongman Mnangagwa; even the ever-jovial Ramaphosa in South Africa who has his hands wet with the blood of 34 miners massacred in Marikana.

The story on the entire God-forsaken, hunger and poverty striken continent of Africa is the same – no dictator wants to leave, not through free and fair elections anyway, and certainly not in peace. The only hope is for the people of all Africa to muster courage, rise up collectively, and against tyrants who’s time is up, not with the force of guns we don’t have, but with the force of numbers we have, and the righteous cause of justice on our side.

We might lose a few battles here and there, but ultimately, time and youth is on our side. In the final analysis, Victory is certain. As long as dictators die, the cause for freedom will never perish.

The author of this article is a political strategist/analyst based in Lusaka Zambia. He writes for The African Observor.



  1. Yoweri Museveni did not commit Uganda to expensive debts from bond markets. Uganda’s borrowings are predominantly if not exclusively from multilateral agencies such as the World Bank, the AfDB, the IMF. In fact Uganda was able to get emergency funds from the IMF whereas Zambia couldn’t.


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