Hon. Dr. Brian Mushimba


The popular Higher Education Minister Brian Mushimba is now considering lifting the ban on public university students’ meal allowances effected by his unpopular predecessor Pro Nkandu Luo in 2018.

Mushimba says he will engage students at the University of Zambia and Copperbelt University on the possibility of reintroducing meal allowances.
Dr. Mushimba says he is well aware that the ban has affected many students especially those from vulnerable families.

Students Union Representatives have asked the New Minister of Higher Education to consider their plight.
Meal allowances were scrapped off in 2018.
This was on the basis that allowances fuelled riots each time there was a delay to pay the students.

But Dr Munshimba said meal allowances will now being given to the students after some consultations.


  1. Luo is just over I don’t know, she thinks, she is too special actually more special than everyone else, she seems to have forgotten that she is a servant of the people and not the other way round. At least the president realized the damage she has caused though too late.

  2. Thank you Dr Brian Mushimba for the wise decision!
    Please reverse the Loan Issue as well!
    We have enough resources to be able to educate all Zambians!
    Trouble is having greedy leaders who want to have everything to themselves!


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