By Zambian Watch

Hot FM DJ Mutale Mwanza today had a verbal and insulticate fight on Phone with Ronald Chitotela’s right hand man Chanda Nonde over a married man Mathews Ngulube.

Zambian Watch has indentifed Mathews Ngulube as the Chief Executive Officer for the National Construction Council of Zambia in Lusaka.

Mutale Mwanza and Mathiews started having a sexual relationship last year in Chilanga after meeting for the first time while drumming support for the Patriotic Front Chilanga Member of Parliament Maria Langa.

While on duty, Mutale Mwanza and Mathews made a move to a named lodge were they only resurfaced in the morning after Maria Langa was being declared winner.

Apparently Mathews who is also going out with a young journalist from Komboni Radio has been telling his friends and associates how cheap Mutale Mwanza is and how she does not know how to please a man in bed.

Mr.Mathews Ngulube accidentally made these remarks in front of Chitotela’s right hand man Chanda Nonde who also decided to spread the news in various PF whatsApp groups.

Mutale Mwanza was later informed by a PF member in the whatsApp group on how a Mr. Chanda was denting her image in various PF WhatsApp groups while charging that she had no morals and cheap.

“This slay Queen, the B*tch herself mutale Mwanza is doing Mr. Ngulube.How cheap can she be such that you just meet a man without knowing his status and you open your legs? Money will kill this girl, she is so much in over drive” he wrote.

“But the man yesterday said she does not even know how to please a man in bed, he is just wasting his money. Ati celebrete while busy dicking and dinning a married man. Get a life young lady. Those tuma change you get from him will dissapear. I pity his wife” wrote Nonde.

“It is shocking, were are morals in this girl? She loves high life. Remember she was also beaten by Jerabos on the coplerbelt for stealing a K5,000 from one Jerabo leader who had made some arrangments?. She is a danger in our camp” he continued writting.

But a Person only indentified as Unice from a PF WhatsApp group alerted Mutale Mwanza on what was going on in the group before she picked the phone and insulted Mr. Chanda including his father.

The man in a black jumper without a cap in the photo with another man in blue is Mr. Mathews Ngulube during the Chilanga parliamentary by-election when Mr Ngulube was drumming up support for PF’s Maria Langa.


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